Clayton Combe Director DP headshot

When I was a kid, I loved art. Drawing, painting, sculpture, whatever; creating an idea and making something tangible and permanent, to share that idea with other people, gave me immense satisfaction. So when I first used a computer to do that, I knew I had discovered what I wanted to do with my life.

Storytelling takes many forms, especially as more and more media are created. The technologies we have invented now allow us to visualize anything we dream of. But ultimately, we as humans need to engage on an emotional level, so no matter how beautiful an image is, what’s important is the story it tells.

I’m Clayton Combe, a software Product Manager and Product Designer. I have designed and developed my own iOS app, Lighting Designer, since the iPad was released in 2010. I spent 13 years in the film industry, and now I’m moving to San Francisco to get into the tech industry.